Data Management, CRM Implementation & ReEngineering Services.


Identify the systems and how they are being used.


Come with different solutions and choose the best one. 


Home in the business requirements by adding features and identifying gaps.


Develop a tangible system or reengineer the existing system to be put in work for you! 

CRM  & ReEngineering Consulting

Need advice on finding a system that would fit your business needs? How about finding ways to automate your business operations? Need to have your systems work together as one? Is your system secure? Are you maximizing your subscription plan or are you paying too much?

CRM Implementation

Identify the business requirements, work on a proposal of suitable CRMs, pick a CRM and start the implemenation!

Extending use of Systems

Review existing systems and identify business gaps. Fill in these gaps.

Process Automation

A wide variety of business processes and activities can be automated, or more often, they can be partially automated with human intervention at strategic points within workflows.

Security & Access

Making sure your systems and data are being protected.

Data Management and Analysis

Data can be complicated and overwhelming when it is raw or all over the place. Bring data together to create formulas, reports, dashboards.

Data Engineering

Design, build, integrate data from various resources to make data easily analyzed

Data Migration

Spreadsheets. Data migration. Tethering data together for ease of use.

Data Analysis

Build reports & dashboards to help analyze data.

Data Clean Up

identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting the dirty data.

Complete Systems/Data Packages

System Implementation Package

Implementing new software is always a challenge, even for the most flexible companies. Succeeding demands planning transitions smoothly and providing your team with relevant training material on the new software.

Package includes:

  • Identify Business Requirements
  • Understand Current Business Operations
  • Solution Design
  • Configuration and Custmization
  • Integration
  • Testing and Training

System ReEngineering Package

Already have an existing system in place? Fret not. Let’s have a look and reengineer it for the better! 

Package includes:

  • Reviewing Business Operations
  • Propose improved Business Operations
  • Data Clean Up


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